Is your new baby causing some tension in your relationship or family? Try one of our top 6 parent games for some light relief. Share your own games with us via Twitter (@makinglittleppl) or on the Facebook page

1. Curry or Poo (multi-player): 

Impromptu game best played in first 6 months of baby life, when baby poo and curry have been present on the same day (which should be at least twice weekly in first three months)

Objective: Be the first to call “curry or poo” and avoid being the taster.

Instructions: Identify specimen and call “curry or poo”. Name the taster (whoever you hate most in the room, often likely to be your partner). Taster calls it while everyone else hopes it’s not curry.

Parent Game curry or poo

2. Sniff the Wet Patch (multi player): 

Works with any wet patch.

Objective: To avoid sniffing the patch

Instructions: First to spot the patch calls “sniff”. The loser has to name it and clean it up.

3. Breast Milk Roulette (2-3 player optimum): 

Requires frozen breast milk. For health & safety reasons, we recommend milk is no older than 6 months.

Objective: To avoid the consumption of sour old boob juice.

Instructions: Defrost frozen breast milk (best done in 1oz cubes). Take it in turns to taste milk to see whether it is “off”, you will know because it will taste like cat sick. Loser is anyone that tastes an “off” one.


4. Poonami Rumble (for one player, personal challenge): 

Best played in first year when poo consistency and frequency are unpredictable.

Objective: As few nappy changes as possible in a 24 hour period.

Instructions: Use child’s chalk board to record number of nappy changes achieved each day.  Note that for health and safety reasons, nappy must be changed at least every 4 hours between 7am and 7pm (this is par). On hearing the Poonami Rumble from your child (sounds like blowing down a straw into a milkshake), decide whether to wait for more poo and risk seepage, or to change there and then, adding to your nappy count. Best played over a 30-day period. Reward PB’s with prosecco.

5. Who Can Pretend to be Asleep for Longest (2 players): 

Traditional new parent game most frequently played in the first 12 months of life. Nobody knows the history but it is estimated it was invented with the dawn of civilisation.

Objective: To stay in bed from 11pm to 7am

Instructions: On hearing baby or child make a noise, both lie as still as possible for as long as possible while maintaining sleeping breathing pattern. Loser is the first one to jump out of bed growling.

6. Sick Patch (multi-player):

Good game for breaking tension in the first 6 months after birth. Provides opportunity to inflict revenge on another player so choose competitors carefully (e.g. partner, mother-in-law, neighbour).

Objective: To find the source of the sick smell and have another player clean it up.

Instructions: Pick one player to call “ready, steady, SNIFF”. All other players sniff all fabric items (including carpet if relevant). Winner is first to shout “Sick Patch!” without gagging (any spittle/bile leaving the mouth disqualifies player). Winner selects cleaner (loser), who cleans it up or does washload, as appropriate.


So there you have it. Our top six parent games for bringing laughter back in your world. Share your games with us via Twitter (@makinglittleppl) or on our Facebook page

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