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Friends That Poo

It’s not often in your life that you buy a house, have a baby and quit your job in the space of 12 months. All this change has left me feeling reflective and I’m drawing some strange parallels. For example, friendships, if you think about it, are just like...

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New Baby Announcement

Everyone says it. Everyone thinks it. Next year I shall be thinner/fatter/more relaxed/more organised drier/wetter - delete as appropriate. My desire is to earn an income again, and preferably one that utilises the skills I have spent the last 15 years building, not...

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Best Intentions

January is such a weird time. Fresh and hopeful new year resolutions swiftly become cold, depressing disappointments. A short dry, alcohol-free spell followed by a soaking, epic collapse and hangover. Ups and downs. Mine has been no different. No2 is walking (yaaay);...

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Happy Effin’ Christmas!

I listened to a radio call-in the other day; a lady, her husband and their two children. She was worried about spoiling her children and losing the true meaning of Christmas so she had invited 8 lonely people to Christmas dinner at their house. “How amazing!” I...

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Why, oh why?

Previously, when I considered myself to be a high-flying career gal, I thought the worst word in the world was ‘no.’ “There’s no such word as no! Where there’s a will there’s a way!” I would tell my team enthusiastically. I was wrong. I was stupid and ignorant. The...

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Tired? Busy? You Don’t Know The Meaning of Those Words

Every so often my little brother tells me he’s "really busy" and "exhausted". As far as he is aware, he probably is. But you and I know, he’s not. He doesn’t even know the meaning of these words and, sometimes, when I’m having a bad day, I want to knee him in the...

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It’s War, Sister 

My poor first-born is losing her hair. Not through any awful disease, but through the clutches of her evil little sister. My chest looks like a tigers’ coat, I’m covered in little scratches and pinch marks. We are the victims in a campaign of abuse....from our...

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Let Yourself Go Mrs Potato

Hard as I try not to obsess over my body size and appearance, the constant barrage of messages saying I should instantly be thin again is pretty hard to ignore. Ten months after giving birth to my second child, I’m about ten pounds off my pre-baby weight. Having put...

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Three Shits A Day Anywhere in the World

I write this week from the glorious sands of Halkidiki. Some well-deserved September sunshine for my little family of four, now that the decision of my working future is made. It has been a heavenly few days being waited on hand and foot, sipping champagne and...

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